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Product_GUID change

i have many product but i want use one project to do.

Can use rul to do this ?



change to :



I found this program can Complete this function.
But i do not know it how to use installshield script to complete it.
it troubled me for several days.
Any one know?

Create Unique Uninstall Entries on the Fly
This extension allows for multiple installations of one product (with identical GUID) onto the same machine. This extension handles the renaming of the GUID directories back and forth between the actual PRODUCT_GUID and the instance GUID. This can't be done from within your setup script, because the uninstall enty can't be renamed while setup is running. Therefore this wrapper was created to perform the renaming.

Usage instructions are included in the package. Written by EONS, Inc.
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Re: Product_GUID change

I change INSTANCE_GUID can complete this request!

BUT can INSTANCE_GUID get form setup.ini ?Or it just get form command line /ig

I found the discussion
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