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Problems with ISLE 2015

I am having trouble with InstallShield Limited Edition in Visual Studio. I have:
Visual Studio 2012 Professional
Visual Studio 2015 Community

I installed the ISLE that came with VS 2012 P. Everything was working fine.

I installed VS 2015 C and was prompted to download and install a new version of InstallShield Limited Edition. I did, and I received an InstallShield serial # and installation instructions.

I ran the downloaded file, but was unable to complete the install. In step 3 of install:
Open Visual Studio and create an InstallShield Limited Edition project:
On the File menu, point to New and click Project. The New Project dialog box opens.
In the Installed Templates box, expand the Other Project Types item, then the Setup
and Deployment item, and then click the InstallShield Limited Edition Project

In VS 2012 P, I was able to open the InstallShield Limited Edition Project template, but was never asked to Activate or Register, or for my serial #.

In VS 2015 C, I was not able to open the InstallShield Limited Edition Project template.

Problem 1) Now in VS 2012 P, some of my Setup Projects did not convert correctly, and the new InstallShield will not open them.
Problem 2) In the VS 2012 P converted Setup Projects, InstallShield is trying in include old files previously listed in the Files tab (Destination computer’s files pane) in my setup. I have upgraded DevEx from 14.6 to 15.1, so I changed the in DexEx files to the 15.1 versions, but when I run the Build, InstallShield wants to include the ole 14.6 version files, and cannot find them. I cannot find ant references to the 14.6 files in my Setup.

Please help me.
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Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran


The Community edition is not supported at this time.
Visual Studio Professional, Premium or Ultimate edition is required.
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