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Problems after upgrading from 2018 to 2018 sp1

I had some issues after upgrading 2018 to sp1:
- Check for Updates brings Update dialog with text: The product code is either not registered on the server or it is invalid. Contact the administrator of your FLEXnet Connect account.
- InstallShield GUI: when i click between panes, like e.g. (left pane) Organization/Setup Design and (middle pane) Setup Design/ the previous selections background color (where the focus was) turns white and is hard to read because the text color is also white. Before upgrading to sp1 it was gray as before.
- after building and trying to Test user Interface or Run release with my development machine brings a virus alert from Symantec Endpoint Protection and it quarantines file that IS tries to execute and requires reboot for pc

Is there anything i can do to fix these?

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Flexera Alumni

Hi PMpmeklin,

-To address your first issue,you may need to attach log file from Flextnet connect folder to get more insight

-This issue may be specific to UI theme,which needs to be fixed from InstallShield side.You may expect this to be fixed in their upcoming releases 🙂

-About third one,Symantec flagging with softwares had become trivial now-a-days.It depends upon the type of quarantine that you are flagged.If it is on installshield's setup.exe/binaries you can submit those to them.

Last week i was been flagged for .log file,dint even have clue about it.

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