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Level 7

Problem with rebooting after Prerequisite install

Although I have selected "Prompt the user to reboot the machine even if nothing is detected, and resume on reboot" for "If the prerequisite appears to need a reboot", the machine reboots after prereq installation without prompting the user. Any ideas why?

By the way, the command line that I have specified for the application is: /s /v" /qn"

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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

Most likely the executable you have launched in the prerequisite has kicked off the reboot. If there is a command line parameter to suppress this (and ideally report it in its exit code) you should use it. For MSIs, this can be a matter of setting the property REBOOT=ReallySuppress.
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Level 5

I had the same issue.
My prerequisite was designed to uninstall another installation using the msiexec command. However it just re-booted itself without warning the user straight after the uninstall completed.

It was due to the fact the uninstall application had the re-boot flag set in it and didnt seem to be passing the code back to the pre-requisite manager.
So no matter what I did from the pre-requisite builder to set the reboot flag etc it always rebooted itself as the uninstall being run didnt seem to pass the prequisite back the re-boot flag.

I renamed the pre-requisite and appended the description (Reboot Required) so the user knew when they selected that pre-requisite it would always re-boot.
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