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Problem on publishing


I have develop a VB application that displays drawing using a third-party application (viewer), the viewer is supplied with an API (it's also a standalone application). So I have embeded that into my VB application, and everything runs nice on my computer.

The problem is when I use InstallShield LE and create the setup.exe, once install on another computer it crashs. I did try using Visual Studio ClickOnce install, installed it on another computer and it worked.

What I have done so far, is that within the install it checks if the viewer is present on the computer (this part works).

I have also tested with adding the dll from the other app into the install package. Solve part of the problem, my VB app is ok until I load a drawing then I have a license issue with the viewer. The issue is that the license info is in the viewer folder. If the license file is present in my app folder it's fine.

How can I set my VB app so that on building the setup.exe files it create the link to the viewer path, for DLL's?

I don't want to include the viewer DLL and license file in my application. I want to run if the viewer is present on the user computer.

Just has additional info, the OS is Windows7 32 and 64 bits.

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InstallShield limited Edition provides an option of installing additional setups along with the main application through Exe custom action. You may check if the exe has been installed on the target machine and based on this you may choose to install the application.

You may refer the topic Adding an .exe Custom Action to Your Project in the help file for more information.

Regarding creating link to the viewer path

You may have to use a Vbscript custom action to check if a specific file (dll) exists on the target machine. If found you may retrieve the folder path where the files are located.

It would not be possible to determine the location where an application is installed on the target machine during build time through InstallShield Limited Edition.
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