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Error on releasepackager.exe command line


I've an Basic MSI project. The output of the build is following files (while using iscmdbld.exe command line)
1. Setup.exe
2. ISSetupPrerequisites (Folder)

I want to package it into a single exe. When I use releasepackager.exe to do so, it gives me following error.

Error. The source specified in the first parameter is not a valid InstallShield media. You must specify either the Disk Images folder or the Disk1 folder of your release, and the media header Data1.hdr must be present.

Command I am using:-
ReleasePackager.exe "D:\SPC-BCS-Setup\NON-DLMS\InstallShield-Setup\Non_DLMS\PROJECT_ASSISTANT\SingleImage\DiskImages\DISK1" "D:\SPC-BCS-Setup\NON-DLMS\InstallShield-Setup\Non_DLMS\PROJECT_ASSISTANT\SingleImage\DiskImages\DISK1\setup.exe"

Please help. 🙂
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ReleasePackager.exe applies to InstallScript projects.

For Basic MSI project, in the Redistributables viewer, select your prerequisites, mouse right clicks on Property, set Extract From Setup.exe.
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