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Flexera beginner

Problem launching program

Help! I've been trying to get the program (Excel Spreadsheet) to launch at the end of the install. The spreadsheet is located in "My Documents".

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Dialogs (Setup) | Setup Complete Success

Navigate to this setting in section 4.

Show Launch Program: Yes

Enter your execution file details:
1. Click ... to see 'Browse for a Destination File' dialog

See a list of your Destination computer's folders (as setup in section 2 | Files.

I have [WindowsVolume] with an [INSTALLDIR] folder which holds my various files for the installation, e.g. MyExcel.Content Files

2. Select the appropriate file to insert into the Program File entry, e.g. [INSTALLDIR]MyExcel.Content Files

This relies on Windows starting Excel when a .xlsx file is launched, through a typical File Association.
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