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6109 Internal Build Error

I can not build my VS 2013 project as I constantly get this error.

It proceeds as normal but then when it is "Building File table" it takes about 20 seconds and then I get this error.

The log file just ends and provides this error number. It is a very simple project and I can build it with the VS installer and I did have Install Shield working previously but I would get this error occasionally.

I've spent way too much time trying to figure out what the issue is and as of now my InstallShield product is useless.

Glenn Wilson
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

This is related to some bookkeeping for dynamic file links. InstallShield uses dynamic file links both when you explicitly configure your project to do so, and for the contents of a project output group (such as the Primary Output from a VS project). If it's the former, you could try to get further information by running iscmdbld /v, but if it's the latter you'll probably have to try removing and re-adding your project output groups, possibly one by one. If you have a paid support plan you can contact support for further assistance.

If you can isolate it into a case with simple steps for us to reproduce, I can take the report here. I see we do have one such report that occurred when a file was linked from a project output group, but the file did not actually exist when building the InstallShield project.
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