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Problem activating Installshield on a new machine


I have been using IS 2008 Professional for over 3 years now. Its time to retire my old machine and move IS to new machine. Following the procedure, I uninstalled IS from old machine (connected to internet) to get the key deactivated. I installed machine on new machine and when I try to activate it there, it gives me error
Error 50018 : An unexpected error has occurred.

I've tried with the offline verification too, but the email address is no longer in use. I also sent the request text to '', but only I got was automated replies and no follow up on that.

Can someone please assist me with this error. I really need to get things working on my new machine ASAP.


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Level 2

I see there was a Flexera Software KB that may help you.

Q113029: INFO: Troubleshooting InstallShield 2008 and InstallShield 2009 Activation Issues
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Hi shadyschin

Thanks for your reply. I've already tried this article and according to them, in such an error, all I can do is to adopt offline activation method, which I have already tried and emailed the license file, but it has not worked for me yet as I keep getting automated replies and no specific solution.

Hope someone from thier technical department could assist me here.
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