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Level 2

Problem Creating multiple drivers installation

I just know how to create setup in install-shield.
i am creating setup for my device to be installed.
i need to be install my device 4 usb drivers manually, that's why i am creating a setup that installed all 4drivers automatically but it wont work.
i am creating basic msi project when i try to make setup for all the 4 drivers...there is error coming, some times 6301 or roll back.

i know the installation process using DIFx merge module and flags (8-10 because of i have unsigned drivers) if i am create separated msi package for each driver then its working fine but how can i create a one setup for those 4 msi package. either how can i make a setup for those 4 drivers to be installed.

please help.
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Level 10

Just run the setup with verbose logging and search the log file for the term 'DIFXAPP:'.
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