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Level 3

Prevent Simultaneous installation of 2 different installshield installers

I have 2 installshield setups abcSetup.exe and xyzSetup.exe. When abcSetup.exe is run it auto install xyzSetup.exe as well.

But if I try to run both setups simultaneously, it runs and didn't stop or prevent each other from running. I want that when 1 setup is running , it shouldn't allow other to launch/run.

Is there any built in function or actions available which can be used. Please not that I am working with InstallScript and InstallScriptMSI projects.

Thanks & regards,
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Level 11

There's no built in function in InstallScript for it, but you could write create a Mutex if one doesn't already exist during OnBegin using Windows API.

Check out this thread:
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