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Prerequisites not installing

I am brand new to InstallShield. I am using InstallShield LE for Visual Studio 2010 and creating a setup.exe that has a prerequisite of .NET Framework 4. I selected Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Client in the Redistributable area. I set the TYPE to download from the Web and the LOCATION says Installed Locally. In the Requirements area, I set the .NET 4.0 Client Package is Installed to have the checkmark - Installer runs only if .NET 4.0 Client is installed on the Target system.

I can create a setup and it will run on my development PC. However, when I try it on a new PC that has never had the setp run on it, I receive the message that "Microsoft .NET 4.0 Client Package or greater needs to be installed for this installation to continue." When I press "OK" it displays the InstallShield Wizard Complete dialog. I press "Finish" and the setup ends and the .NET 4.0 Client Package doesn't get installed.

I am sure it is something that I don't have configured correctly in InstallShield LE. I have spent over 5 hours going thru it and reading the forum but cannot find a solution. Since I am new to this, can someone please let me know the steps necessary to get the prerequisites to execute during the setup?

By the way... I am uploading only the Setup.exe, Setup.ini and appname.msi files to the PC that I am trying to install it on.

Thanks, in advance, for your prompt assistance!
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I understand that you wish to add a prerequisite to your setup. Please correct me I if my understanding is incorrect.

To add the prerequisite .NET Framework 4 the same can be selected from the list in the “Redistributables” view.

The purpose of the “Requirements” view is to check the target system for the presence of any of the hardware or soft wares that are listed or any other. The setup is installed only if all the chosen requirements are satisfied.

On trying to install the setup on any other machine apart from the development machine you encounter the error "Microsoft .NET 4.0 Client Package or greater needs to be installed for this installation to continue” since you have selected this as a requirement for the setup and this particular machine does not have .NET installed.

To cater your purpose, you may simply uncheck the option .NET 4 in the Requirements view that would prevent this error and would allow you to install your prerequisite along with the setup.

You could also navigate to the topic "Adding InstallShield Prerequisites, Merge Modules, and Objects to Projects" in the ISLE help library that could be of further help to you.
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