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Prerequisites for offline installation

I am working on a system that does not have internet access, and I need to somehow install prerequisites into my project using InstallShield Limited Edition within MS Visual Basic 2013. I found a forum post that matches my situation ( and tried to use the download link provided in the response. It sent me to a login page, but my forum login, which is the only one I have, would not work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

If possible, you can install InStallShield LE on a machine that does have internet access, download the needed files and then copy them over to your development machine, as long as the files are in the correct folder you should be ok. I do not believe that there is a separately downloadable package for InstallShield LE users unfortunately.

Also mentioned in that previous thread, the default lcoation would be
C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2013LE\SetupPrerequisites
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