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Prerequisites and an Upgrade Install


I am writing the installer for the next version of our product. The latest product requires .net 4 - as opposed to 3.5 in earlier versions.

I have added .net 4 as a pre-requisite, and this works fine during a new/fresh install. However, when trying to upgrade the old version of the product, whilst our product installs - the prerequisites never get run so .net 4 is not installed.

I have had a look at a few different sites to try and get some tips, and I think this should work.

So, the question is:

1) Should pre-requisites run for an upgrade?
2) Is there any way to disable them (perhaps there is a line somewhere I have missed which switches them off).

If anyone has a link to a any good tutorials or similar which may answer these, that would be great.

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Re: Prerequisites and an Upgrade Install

Think I should have spent a bit more time with Google before posting....
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