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Prerequisite does not seem to get triggered

I have had to add a prerequisite to one of my install projects to try to get rid of a Side By Side error that is occuring in our application service that gets launched during install.

I have added the prerequisite to the install project, but it does not seem to get triggered and therefore we continue to get Side by Side error messages.

We have another install project that contains the same prerequisite and it works fine. I examined that install project and compared them both, but I can not see any differences in the adding or triggering of the prereq.

Is there anything that I should be looking at that may help with this situation?
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Re: Prerequisite does not seem to get triggered

You can create a debug log of the prerequisite install by passing /debuglog to your setup.exe on the command line (setup.exe /debuglog) That might give you an indication of what is going wrong with the prereq.
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