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Prerequisite conditions


does installshield automatically check all the conditions or does skip remaining conditions as soon as one condition is not met?

im asking because im trying to get the value of a registry, and i dont know that the key or it's parent exists. So i have to ask something along the lines of

if ParentKey exists
if ChildKey exists
if ChildKey.Value = 1.1746

if i were to just ask the value of the ChildKey.Value on a system where it dosn't exist, I will get an error messagebox saying
prerequisit failed to install
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Level 17

The target system must meet any of the operating systems as well as all of the other conditions (such as registry entry conditions). The following help topic has more information:
Setting Installation Conditions for an InstallShield Prerequisite

If you are considering upgrading to InstallShield 2012, you may want to take a look at the new Suite project type. With this project type, you can include all of the .exe, .msi, and .msp files that may need to be run on target systems in your Suite installation, and it has support for configuring more robust conditions for each of those packages in the Suite than the support that is available for prerequisites. So, you can basically create a bunch of conditional statements and specify whether they should be combined with OR, AND, or NOT operations. Here's some more info on this subject:
Building Conditional Statements in Suite Projects
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Level 8

Please check installscript API RegDBKeyExist that will give you a good idea on how to use your registry check.


You can use a system search to find it
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