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Prerequisite Installation Behavior

I am getting some interesting behavior with my custom prerequisites. I currently have 7 prerequisites that are checked and installed silently prior to the launch of my software's installation. I didn't have any problems when I had 6 prerequisites. However, now that I am up to 7, the installer terminates after the 4th prerequisite is installed. I tried mixing up the order to see if it was a particular installer, but the order or particular installer does not matter. Each time, it terminates after the 4th one. Once it terminates, I re-run the setup.exe and it picks up exactly where it left off and completes without a hitch.

Am I hitting a limit with 7 prerequisites? Are there any known issues regarding large numbers of prerequisite installers?

BTW, I am using a Basic MSI project, running a single executable.
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

I don't know of any such limits. Do you get any hints why it terminates if you look in the log generated by setup.exe /debuglog? The symptoms you describe sounds like it thinks the fourth prerequisite was going to reboot the system when in fact it did not.
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