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Preparing Setup / Existing Installed Instances


I have created my first simple Windows Service installer via Installshield Professional 2013 Installscript.

Right at the start I get a 'Preparing Setup" dialog and once installed and re run the instller gives me a "Existing Installed Instances" dialog. All very well and good.

I have used DialogSetInfo to change the banner image on the standard and custom dialogs within the installation but this does not seem to affect these two aforementioned dialogs.

If there anyway I can change the header on these dialogs without having to alter _IsUser.dll or buy any other thrid party software?

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Level 7


The dialogs you are referring to are not accessible by the installation package.

These dialogs are actually being prompted by the setup.exe which means the dialogs are being prompted before the msi can do anything about it. Basically, this means that InstallShield does not have a build in way to mess with these dialogs.

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