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Feature selection in Installscript project not working properly

In both IS2011 and IS2013, I am seeing this same behavior. I have a project with 2 features. The component associated to each feature has the same directory and sub-directories for each component except they have a different wildcard for what files to exclude. So there are 10 files in the source folder and 2 of them are NOT included in the first component and 3 different ones are NOT included in the 2nd component. When you look at the file list in the IS IDE everything looks correct as far as the file list goes.
But, when you run the installation, all 10 files are layed down regardless of which feature you choose.

Anyone seen this behavior before? Is it a problem that both components are pointing to the same source location? I have not seen this problem before when the source folders differ for the 2 components.
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The behavior you are experiencing should not be happening by default. From your description, it sounds like you have multiple copies of the same files included into your project.
Ex: In the example below, there are 2 copies of the same file in your installation (fileB and fileC)
Component 1 has files: fileA, fileB, fileC
Component 2 has files: fileB, fileC, fileD

Try breaking your installation into 3 components and associate the components to their features.
Feature1 has Component 1 and Component 2:
Feature2 has Component 2 and Component 3:

Component 1 has files fileA
Component 2 has files fileB, fileC
Component 3 has files fileD

In the example above, there is only one copy of each file in your installation.

Associating components to features can be done in the Files and Folders view in the Installation Designer tab under the Application Data folder.
1. Navigate to the Files and Folders view.
Select the Installation Designer tab --> Expand out the Application data folder --> Select the Files and Folders view.
2. Show components and subfolders
In the lower left hand panel titled Destination computer's folders select and right click Destination Computer and checkmark Show Components and SubFolders.
3. Find the component(s) that you would like to associate with features.
Expand out the folders till you see the name of your component you would like to modify
4. Set the Features to associate the component with.
Select --> Right click --> Click Properties --> Select the Features Tab --> Select the Check Box next to the appropriate features
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