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Please support .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0 as prerequisite

We need a prerequisite for Microsoft .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0.0 (x64).

How can we add this to InstallShield 2021 Professional?


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Hi @46484E,

Thank you for your post.

To clarify, we provide redistributables, including prerequisites, as a courtesy. If there's a particular prerequisite you need that's not available, we encourage you to use the Prerequisite Editor to configure a custom prerequisite to meet your needs.

I confirmed that InstallShield 2021 R1 has the following prerequisite:

Microsoft .NET 5.0 Desktop Runtime 5.0.3

You could make a copy of the PRQ file and prerequisite files for that prerequisite in the <IS_HOME>\SetupPrerequisites folder where <IS_HOME> is where InstallShield 2021 is installed then modify the copy of the prerequisite with the Prerequisite Editor.

Here are several links to documentation to help get you started:


I understand that that's a lot of information. I don't intend for you to read all of it, unless you want to. I suggest only scanning / skimming the documentation to quickly find the information you need to proceed then reviewing the applicable documentation more closely.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks!

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You can also try the prq file created for .net 6.0 and shared in below community post and see it solves your issues or not.


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