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Permanant Shortcuts

I am making an Installation and I create two shortcuts to files that are part of the installation. Due to the nature of using the Limited Edition, I will delete all the files and then copy the folders again to make sure that only the files I need are included. When I delete all the Files, this removes my shortcuts. Is there a way that I can create the shortcuts and not have them removed after I delete the files and re-add them. I am adding two folders which are folders after I publish my website, as I have a batch file that copies other dependencies, and files to those folders. I then created a simple install where I just add those two folders to the FILES of the installer. But if I create the shortcuts, and then later remove those folders from the FILES and then add them again from my published location, it removes my shortcuts. I do not want to create those shortcuts each time.
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Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran


It seems to be an expected behavior, as you are deleting the files, after creating the respective shortcuts to files included initially.

Once those files got removed from the folders, shortcuts targets become orphaned.

However, files added later may or may not be the same as, which were added initially.

Hence shortcuts are also getting deleted once the referenced files in the folders deleted from the project.

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