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Per User / Per Machine


I would like to know that am installing my application per user context. [ i have set ALLUSERS=2] and after that i logged out and logged in with other user name .then i try to install the application in this user again, it is not allowing me to install it.

it directly going to repair mode. I wonder how come it is going to repair mode in the deifferent user.

I do not know, is this expected behaviour?

Am able to access the application directly, without installing it. in that case what is the use of installing it as per user?

If i delete in the current user, it is deleting it.

I am new to installShield, i just started working on it. Please let me know

Thanks in advance.
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Level 17

My guess is that with an initial ALLUSERS value of 2, sometimes Windows Installer is resetting ALLUSERS to 1 (that is, per machine). A verbose log may help you figure out what's wrong, and look at the value of ALLUSERS.
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