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Path question using Team Foundation Build

I have an InstallShield 2011 project that references some binaries that get called during the execution of my InstallScript. The binaries exist on my local machine in:


So in that folder, there is foo.exe which gets executed during the installation (the reason I do this is so I can prompt the user for the database servername and database name then pass that to foo.exe as a command line parameter).

The InstallShield project is here:


When I set up my paths variables, I can reference the full path to the release binaries and it builds my installer fine and the installer works and successfully calls my binaries.

I would like to build my installer on my Team Foundation Build server. The problem is that the path on the build server is dynamic. The build process pulls foo.exe out of source control and puts it on the build server. For example, the path is something like:


The issue I am trying to overcome is the build agent number is dynamic based on which build agent is assigned the responsibility of executing the build. How can I use Team Build to build my installer with this dynamic path?
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Hi showard,

TeamBuild's SourcesDirectory variable, in the Run On Agent scope, should have the path you need; whether or not you need to append additional pathing to that will depend on how you have defined the Build Agent Folder workspace mapping.

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