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Patch, QuickPatch : updater GUI show custom text patch version


I create both QuickPatch and Patch builds for major releases of a product.

Even though the InstallShield project offers entry fields to specify the name of the patch, it is not displayed in any GUI's which are displayed when running the updater installer.


As example, I have a MSI project to install the full product and is named


Version =

The project name is set to MyProduct 6.4.3

Within the same MSI project I create a Patch configuration.

The version for the Patch will be

Because we name a Patch using a predefined naming convention where we specify that a Patch is named MyProduct 6.4.3 SU1

I set all available descriptions to have the Patch named using the SU1 in it.


The only place which actually takes that information is the file details of the created Updater.exe

There it shows MyProduct 6.4.3 SU1

But when running the updater, the InstallShield wizard window presented shows this:

Title = "MyProduct 6.4.3 Patch"

Welcome to the Patch for MyProduct 6.4.3


Product owners want to have this changed so that it shows the correct designation, so

Title = "MyProduct 6.4.3 SU1"

Welcome to  MyProduct 6.4.3 SU1


So, what is possible here. Can I set some attribute to set what is displayed in the installer?

Or should I change templates so it will be able to tweak what is displayed?


Reason is that service engineers who install Patches should have visual confirmation that the used patch is the correct one by showing SU1, SU2 etc on those dialogs while installing.

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