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Passing Values from Advanced UI to Package


I have an Advanced UI project and I want to pass three values in an on click event (button) to my install package which is an MSI. I see the set propertyin the on click actions but this won't actually pass the values into the MSI I want to run.

Could some give me some suggestions as to how to do this?

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Level 13

Are you actually trying to execute a MSI package when a user clicks on a particular button? The way you phrased your question, it sounds as if you are trying to implement a solution in this manner.

The UI part of the installation package should be just for collecting information. Basically you are implementing a separation of responsibility for the UI and installing files.

In your Wizard Interface > Wizard pages, select the Wizard page to which you want to associate the action.
Under the control properties select the option for 'Click' by clicking on the '+' symbol. Select the option to Set Property. Set the Property name and value you want to pass to your MSI package. Set any conditions for setting this property if desired.

Switch to packages view. Add the package to your installer and associate with an appropriate feature.
Once added check the properties for install under the 'Operation' section.
Modify the MSI Command Line to include your property. For instance if you are modifying INSTALLDIR in the MSI then add INSTALLDIR="[MYPROPERTY]" where "MYPROPERTY" is the property set when the user clicks on the button control.

Arrange the added package in the order in which it should be installed. For instance if this package must install first then move it up the list of files to install.

Hopefully this helps.
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