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Parallel Installation of 32 and 64 bit Product

I have a problem with a Installer for our software:
For the product there is a 32 and a 64Bit version. I use two product configurations with different release flags to build the two installers.
The 64Bit product configuration also overwrites the product name, the product code and the upgrade code.
What I assume is, that the two resulting installers install two "completely independent" products, but when I install the 32 bit Version and then install the 64 bit version it seems like a major upgrade (or something similar) is performed: the 32Bit version gets uninstalled and the 64 Bit version gets installed. But it is necessary, that both (32&64) can be installed in parallel on the same PC.
Any suggestions what I could have done wrong here?

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Level 3

If your platform products are completely independent from each other, you can use different product- and upgrade codes for the configurations.
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Check for the upgrade code, mentioned in the upgrade table of the project.
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