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Level 3

Multiple Instances in Basic MSI

Hi community,

I want to add multiple installation support in my Setup. I have a Basic MSI Project.

I have one feature with a few components. Each component contains only one file.

I added two instances in Media -> Releases -> Multiple Instances. I didn't changed anything in the instances.

When I start the Msi the first time it installs correct. When I start the Msi the second time the dialog with Repair/Modify/Remove comes up.

How to enable multiple instances?

Maybe I did something wrong or a property is missing. I need a Step by Step instruction. I am very new to InstallShield.

Thx in advance
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Level 17

The Setup.exe setup launcher displays the instance selection dialog when appropriate. Make sure that you start your Setup.exe, instead of your MSI file.

Hope that helps.
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Level 3

We have to create MSI files because our customers are using third party tools to manage their installations. Is there a way to use MSI files to install instances?
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Level 16


The setup.exe is meant to make this process simpler but it can be done without.
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Level 7

you can create instance transformers and include them in the package and call this with an command line
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