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Package output of Installscript MSI project into single exe


I've an Installscript MSI project. The output of the build is following files
1. Setup.exe
3. ISSetup.dll
4. MyProject.msi
5. Setup.ini

I want to add some more files with it and package it into a single exe. When I use releasepackager.exe to do so, it gives me following error.

Error. The source specified in the first parameter is not a valid InstallShield media. You must specify either the Disk Images folder or the Disk1 folder of your release, and the media header Data1.hdr must be present.

I've had no problem doing so with an Installscript project since it had data1.hdr file in it. Can someone please tell me how to do the same for an Installscript MSI project output.


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Flexera MichaelU

Re: Package output of Installscript MSI project into single exe

ReleasePackager is only meant for InstallScript setups. InstallScript MSI setups must be built compressed by the options on the release grid, and there is no tool to compress them at a later stage.
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