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Package not Getting Cached for Install in Maintenance Mode if Browse Button Used in Suite Project


I have a problem with a package not getting cached for Install in maintenance mode if the browse button is used in a Suite project.

‘Cache MSI locally’ is set to ‘Yes’ and ‘Cache Path’ is set to ‘[LocalAppDataFolder]Downloaded Installations’ on Setup.exe tab in Releases view for the package.

It always works for new install and I can see that the package is cached.

It fails in maintenance mode because the folder for package does not get cached if I browse for a file when entering suite info on wizard page.

It works just fine in maintenance mode if I copy/paste instead of using browse and I can see that the package is cached.

What am I missing about using Browse in suite?


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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @rguggisberg 

I understand you are facing an package cache issue when using browse button,

Could you please confirm what is your project type?

if possible please share your project file and steps to reproduce the behavior you observed,

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Thanks for the reply varul.

It is a suite project with 5 packages. I will see if I can post a project. Browse buttons for SQL database and SQL catalog don't cause the problem. Browse button to browse for a file causes the problem. Simple steps.... do a 1st time install and install some of the packages... run the installer again to install the package that has the browse button. To get past this I have disabled the browse button when in maint mode.

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