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Package gets stuck running custom step ISSQLServerWriteLoginInfo

I have an installation package that gets stuck when executed on a customers system. The customer has found that terminating one of the MSI processes in Windows Task manager allows the install to continue.

This is a log excerpt of when it gets stuck. The logging at 15:55:27:786 occurs after the MSI process is terminated, so it looks like invoking "ISSQLServerWriteLoginInfo" spins something off that does not come back.

MSI (s) (A8:E4) [15:54:15:697]: Executing op: CustomActionSchedule(Action=ISSQLServerWriteLoginInfo,ActionType=3073,Source=BinaryData,Target=ISSQLServerWriteLoginInfo,CustomActionData=C:\Users\GESERV~2\AppData\Local\Temp\~70FB.tmp)
MSI (s) (A8:20) [15:54:15:699]: Invoking remote custom action. DLL: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\MSI8B5C.tmp, Entrypoint: ISSQLServerWriteLoginInfo
MSI (s) (A8:E4) [15:55:27:786]: Executing op: ActionStart(Name=RegisterProduct,Description=Registering product,Template=[1])
MSI (s) (A8:E4) [15:55:27:787]: Executing op: ChangeMedia(MediaVolumeLabel=DISK1,MediaPrompt=Please insert the disk: 1,,BytesPerTick=0,CopierType=2,ModuleFileName=c:\WINDOWS\Installer\415915.msi,,,,,IsFirstPhysicalMedia=1)

This is a log excerpt when it works on a different system.  

MSI (s) (E0:D8) [16:27:29:314]: Executing op: CustomActionSchedule(Action=ISSQLServerWriteLoginInfo,ActionType=3073,Source=BinaryData,Target=ISSQLServerWriteLoginInfo,CustomActionData=C:\Users\colin.QISOFT\AppData\Local\Temp\~A655.tmp)
MSI (s) (E0:8C) [16:27:29:316]: Invoking remote custom action. DLL: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\MSIB96F.tmp, Entrypoint: ISSQLServerWriteLoginInfo
MSI (s) (E0:8C) [16:27:29:316]: Lost connection to custom action server process. Attempting to regenerate.
MSI (s) (E0:78) [16:27:29:316]: Generating random cookie.
MSI (s) (E0:78) [16:27:29:318]: Created Custom Action Server with PID 29956 (0x7504).
MSI (s) (E0:D8) [16:27:29:347]: Running as a service.
MSI (s) (E0:D8) [16:27:29:349]: Hello, I'm your 32bit Elevated Non-remapped custom action server.
MSI (s) (E0:D8) [16:27:29:365]: Executing op: ActionStart(Name=RegisterProduct,Description=Registering product,Template=[1])

The install is running on Windows 10 from an elevated command prompt in each case. Any input would be appreciated. The install has been created with InstallShield Pro 2018 Version 24.

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