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Level 3

Over-install problem

I have an install package that contains a device driver and an application that installs both correctly. I have a newer package with newer versions of the driver and appilication that installs both correctly.
The problem is:
1. During OVER-install with the newer version the older version is replaced, but NOT uninstalled. i.e. The uninstall information in the registry remains and the reference count goes up for common components.
2. UN-installing from Programs&Features removes the driver completely, but leaves the application (although it is the newer files) running.
3. To remove the application I have to run the original installer Remove function.

The Upgrade Codes match.

Has anyone ever seen this before?
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Level 9

Not sure but you should only need to do the following:

Increase the ProductVersion
Change the Product Code
Add Major Upgrade Item in Media->Upgrade
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