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Other setup language with next InstallShield Professional version

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Our project is created with InstallShield Professional 2020 in the default language German.
For the next version this project should be created in the language English, for this InstallShield Professional 2021 is installed in English.
The Professional version supports only one language.

Is it possible to import the existing ism project file with German language in InstallShield Professional 2021 default language English?
What happens with the German texts?
How should I proceed?
What should I pay attention to?

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Thank you!
Worked wonderfully.

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hope you know professional version supports only one language, if you want to support language you can go for premier edition,

As for as your question, you can open your german language added project in IS2020 English version installed machine

However when you try to open you will get an warning, click OK for it,

Then go to general information, select Setup languages filed and select english and then select default language field and select english from drop down,

Then go to release --> select release in mid pane and select Build tab, 

Change language in release UI and default language fields

Then save the ism and build the project, now you will see the string in english at runtime, the german string wont be available, if you dont do the above steps, and if you try to build german language only, then build will fail with language missing error,

Please refer attached screenshot for reference.

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Thank you!
Worked wonderfully.

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