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Level 3

OnBegin() doesn't work


So i created a new function in Behaviour and Logic -> InstallScript tab.


#include "ifx.h"

function OnBegin( )
MessageBox("Welcome to the Tutorial installation!", INFORMATION);

I set this function to OnBegin() but it never gets deployed. I consulted this page on how to use scripts

But it doesnt work and to be honest i feel quite helpless about it. Its a simple messagebox!!! on beginning of installer and its in your tutorials and i doesnt work.

My project is an Basic MSI project.

Thank You for your time! 🙂
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Level 17

That tutorial that you are referencing is for an InstallScript project. It does not apply to Basic MSI projects.

Basic MSI projects do not support event-driven script or run events such as OnBegin. To trigger InstallScript code in a Basic MSI project, you'd need to create a custom action that calls your InstallScript function. The following help topic has more information to get you started:
Using InstallScript

I hope that helps.
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Level 3

Thank You Very Much! ill trying do it with custom action.

Have a good day.
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