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Level 3

Not able to register few dlls


I have 5 com dlls and out of 5, 3 dlls are registering properly, but not two.

I have Installedshield2009 install on Windows 7.
I am checking installation on windows7 64 bit pc.

Please anyone suggest me how can I fix this? Every setting is same for all dlls.

One more thing, I am able to register it manually from command prompt and my application works fine after that.

Thank you,
Kaushal Kumar
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Level 7

Do you have the COM extraction flag set for all the DLLs? You need all the denpendent DLLs for your COM DLLs on your build machine. You can use the tool RegSpyUI to check, if the COM extraction works for the special DLL on your build machine. If it doesnt work, you can use the tool depends in order to check if some dependent files ar missing.

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Level 6

Its possible you have all the dependencies but they are not available at the time your dlls attempt to com register. We had a similar problem and deleting and re-adding the components and resetting the flag the previous poster mentioned allowed it to work. I believe but cannot confirm that this reset the dlls to be the last thing that attempted to register correcting an order of operations problem that previously existed.
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