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Non-network install with prerequisites


I need to make an installation that can be installed without any network access.
Some of my prerequisites include .Net 35, Net 4.6.1, Sql Server 2012, etc.
I have the prerequisites as part of the setup disk image. But I am wondering what if
these prerequisites have dependencies.

How can I be sure that this will work where the end users do not have Internet access?

Where can I obtain the "dependent prerequisites" for my installation's prerequisites?

Thank you.

bruce radtke
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No simple answer to this I'm afraid except to put in the research effort.

In our installers we check for minimum OS service pack level and certain system updates and will abort the install if the host doesn't meet our minimum requirements. Whereas we wouldn't install a service pack as part of the install, some system updates can be installed as a manually created 'prereq'.

You will need to check dependencies thoroughly. For example the original VC++2015 redistributable had multiple dependencies on several earlier system updates. We had to include those updates alongside the VC++ prereq.
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