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Component Wizard - Install Font

I was trying to follow the guide found at:

I go through the Component Wizard and select the font I want. Nowhere/at no time in the Component wizard is there the option to manually specify the component name. Instead it automatically generates the component name. No matter what I try, when I click finish I get the following error message:

Component: An invalid identifier was supplied.
The field may contain letters, digits, underscores (_), or periods (.). Then field must begin with a letter or an underscore.

^ The component name that is being generated has a dash (-) in it.

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Flexera beginner

Me too

I can't believe this was never answered. I'm experiencing the same issue - no suggestions out there?
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Replace - with _ in GUID


I had the same problem.
My problem was, that I hat do Replace a GUID in the Project. So I opened it as XML and replaced the old GUID with the new generated.
But I haven't seen, that the old one had _ not - between the characters.
So I corrected it an everything is ok.
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