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New COM Extraction Changes...

I was wondering, which HKLM\SOLFTWARE\InstallShiled\RegSpy\UseAPIRegistryHooks value mirrors earlier versions of the product...

0-Use API hooking to read existing registry entries for the DLL
1-Use registry redirection to prevent making changes to the registered DLLs on the build machine (default if value not set on XP/2003)
2-Use the new kernel mode monitoring, which combines the advantages of both of the other methods (default if value not set on >=VISTA/2008.

When I search for the value on my Win 7 64 Bit build machine I don't have the RegSpy key so no value, of course. I only see a RegSpyProxy key with no values. So, I guess this means it is behaving as option 2.

Would earlier versions have used the 0 value actions?

I'm just wondering if any problems might occur in switching from 2010 to 2012 Premier with regard to extracting registry information. At build time, I have several components marked as .NET COM Interop = Yes with .NET Scan At Build = Properties Only (The global .NET Scan At Build Option is set to None.). Is there the potential using the newer method that these will become broken (not registered properly) on target machines?

Does the new COM extraction have anything to do with the .NET settings mentioned above?

Any info is Greatly appreciated!
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

Typically recent versions of InstallShield have used the option corresponding to 1 (the option was there to fall back to 0 if necessary); the newest version of InstallShield added option 2.

.NET Scan and COM Extraction should be completely unrelated, although .NET COM Interop may have been improved with the newest COM Extraction implementation.
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