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Level 2

Need help: How to use checkbox with list (or listview)


ISMP 11.5 Installscript + MSI project.

I need a control to show a list. Contents of the list are variable and are available only at runtime, (so I think I need to use a dynamic list control like listview.)

User is expected to select one or multiple entries from the list and I need to take some action based on the selection.

I am trying with listview control (report style) and been able to add rows to it. However, I am not been able to show a check box for each of the rows and further know which rows have been selected by user.

Please help.

Ashutosh Ambekar
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Level 6

Has anyone any ideas or examples of how to achieve this.

Please let us know.

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Level 9

I would post your question in the Windows 12 or 20?? sections to get more of a response. Its a basic MSI or InstallScript question which I believe has not changed a whole lot from ISMP 11.5.

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