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Need an InstallShield 2018 Prerequisite for .NET 4.8.1

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Hi!  I am running InstallShield 2018 Premier Concurrent License and want to upgrade an existing project to include a prerequisite for .NET Full 4.8.1.  It is not available in the IS 2018 .NET Prerequisite download.  Is it provided in a later download (e.g. IS 2019) that is usable with my 2018?

Or do you know if Microsoft now includes .NET Full 4.8.1 in all Windows 10 and 11 systems so that I no longer need to include it in my app's installer?

Thank you!

Mike Russo
TSI Inc.

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Level 3

I see via the "Related Resources" I received that quite a bit of what I need has been dealt with in the past.  In particular,

From that post, I can download a user-built PRQ for .NET 4.8.1.  It seemed sound, but has Flexera published an official one?

I still wonder if this PRQ is usable with IS 2018?

Also,  do current installations of Windows 10 and 11 already include this version of .NET, making the PRQ unneeded?

Thanks, again!

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Thanks, Markus!  Good link.

Based on the Micrsoft information, I'm going to move forward by downgrading my app to 4.8 and then requiring my target systems to have Windows 11 or an updated Windows 10 from May, 2019, on.  These requirements will guarantee that .NET 4.8 is already present on the target, and I will not need the .NET prerequisite in my installer!  The 4.8.1 is too new to have this guarantee for Windows 10.  (At least that's the plan!  Some of my preliminary testing with the 'versions' tool mentioned in the link confirmed this by showing a version of 4.8.04084 before downloading 4.8.1.  And since the app.config was specifying a supportedRuntime sku=".NETFramework,Version=v4.8.1", I was being asked to download 4.8.1 upon starting the app.  Hopefully by changing this to sku of 4.8, the request goes away.)

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