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Must run InstallShield 2008 as normal user - out of luck?

At my company, we have been using InstallShield for over a decade, and it has served us fairly well. We're currently stuck trying to get InstallShield 2008 to run, though, because we must run it as a normal user, which, judging from the docs and a couple of other posts, is not allowed (we get the "unable to initialize FLEXnet library" message that some other people have been getting in other posts).

Our IT infrastructure absolutely requires us to limit admin access to a minimum, yet several people will be needing to use this software on a regular basis to prepare installers. Is there any way around this at all? We've already purchased 5 licenses to the software, and we do not like throwing money away.
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I'm not familiar with this problem but I'll throw out an option. You could use a VM or a physical machine that's not on the domain - logging on w/ an admin account.
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