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Multiple components + single component as key file


I need to create setup with Basic MSI project using InstallShield 2020 R3

In the setup I have multiple files (like txt, xml which don't have a version ) that should be installed on multiple directories and a single .dll that will be as the key file.

So in case the version of .dll in the setup is newer, all components should be installed and if not none of the files should be installed.

How cane I associate the .txt\.xml components with the component with the key file ?

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Revenera Moderator

If you create a Major Upgrade this will automatically uninstall the previous version on the machine and then install the new version.

Therefore if you update the .dll and create a Major Upgrade all components in the package will be removed and reinstalled.

How to Configure a Major Upgrade:

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Thanks for the answer but here is the exact scenario which I didn’t mention in my question
1. User install Setup AAA V5.5 that include test.dll + many other .dll files
2. User install Setup BBB V1.0 that include test.dll V1.0 + several .txt files, So if the version of test.dll is newer then the one installed by Setup AAA, all files in Setup BBB should be installed
3. User install Setup BBB V2.0 that include test.dll V2.0 + several .txt files, So if the version of test.dll is newer then the one already installed by Setup AAA or BBB V1.0 all file in Setup BBB V2.0 should be installed.

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Hi @eladef,

Thank you for your reply.

Could you please navigate to Get Support > Open New Case in the top menu then open a new support ticket to track this issue? This will allow us to best track this issue in order to best assist you.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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