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Multiple Instances + Install dir

We had a multiple install windows installer and now we switched over to 11.5 Multiplatform.

We'd like to set the install dir based on if we find an instance of the program already installed. Basically if our progam is already in (for instance) c:\program files\my_program and someone runs the installer again, it puts it into c:\program files\my_program2 (and 3, 4, etc.). We just want to increment the number of instances and append that to the install dir. How do we do that in Multiplatform?

On a side topic, we tried to create a new project and have it convert our old ism from Installshield X. It failed with com.installshield.wizard.platform.win32.ISMConversionException: (error type = 0; context = [com.installshield.wizard.platform.win32.ISMProductConverter@18e1b3e]) ISM Converter
Anyone have any luck with that converter?
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Multiple instances- I understand it is already build in the multiplatform IS, you just need to add action to see if there is already an installation there (I would suggest checking the registry).

Convertion - Tryed it, and got the same failure, I opened an incident, and it appear to be a current Bug.
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