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Multiple Command Line Args in Custom Action

In my Basic MSI, the following Custom Action to run my batch file works just fine:

Executable Filename: \cmd.exe
Command Line: /c "[INSTALLDIR]bin\myBatch.bat"

But I can't seem to figure out how to pass an argument to that batch file.

I tried:
Command Line: /c "[INSTALLDIR]bin\myBatch.bat" [BATCHARG]
Command Line: /c "[INSTALLDIR]bin\myBatch.bat" "[BATCHARG]"
Command Line: /c "[INSTALLDIR]bin\myBatch.bat [BATCHARG]"

But when it runs during installation I get an error 1722.

Does anyone know how to do this properly?
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Did you try /c ""[INSTALLDIR]bin\myBatch.bat" "[BATCHARG]""

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That worked!!!

Thank you so much! 😄
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