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MsiSummaryInfoGetProperty no longer works

Hello everyone,
I currently use IS 2011 Professional.
I have installed IS 2012 professional and am testing it.

In my basic msi, I have an InstallScript custom action that executes MsiSummaryInfoGetProperty so that I may access the "Subject" value data in the Summary Information Stream.

This works fine with IS2011 Professional.
But seems to fail after I have migrated the basic msi project to IS 2012 Professional.

Has anyone heard of this with IS 2012 ?
Has anyone heard if this is no longer supported ?

Anyone have ideas as to how I might access the "Subject" value data OTHER than using MsiSummaryInfoGetProperty ?

Other than this particular issue, IS 2012 seems to work well.

Thanks in advance for any responses.
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Level 17

This may be related to the changes that are described in the "Changes in Behavior for Some MSI APIs That Are Called in InstallScript Custom Actions" section of KB Q211163, Upgrading Projects to InstallShield 2012.

You may need to change your code slightly to ensure that a large enough buffer size is specified.
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