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Moving IS Pro 2013 to another computer

We have a copy of IS Pro 2013 installed on a computer that is getting a bit old and hard to maintain.

Last time this happened we were able to 'relinquish' our license on the old computer and request another license for the new one.

Is this something that is still supported? If so, please can you direct me to the instructions for doing this?

Clearly we need to be 100% sure that the license transfer is possible otherwise we may end up with no working copy of InstallShield at all!



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Please be noted that you can continue to use the InstallShield even after 2022/7/1 until it requires activation procedure.

Since activation is not possible both Online and offline after the above mentioned date( As legacy ISAS servers are going to be decommissioned), you will not be able to reactivate and it eventually results in discarding legacy version of InstallShield. so, Its advised to purchase the latest version of the InstallShield for the uninterrupted use.

As for now  you can PM me the Serial Number so that we could assist you further.


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