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Modal results in Suite Projects (secondary windows)


In a Suite Project, I use an external dll to validate user inputs in a wizard page. This work fine (although informations about Suite Project dll are not easy to found), but now I want, in some cases, to show warnings on some inputs (example: "Do you really want to do that ? Ok/Cancel").

Unfortunately I don't know how to interpret the modal result of the secondary window.

I have tried, in the Next button click of the wizard page:
1- Dll call to validate the inputs - ok
2- Show secondary window to draw a warning if requiered (conditioned by a property affected by the dll) - ok
3- Set active page to the next wizard page if allowed (conditioned by a property affected by the "Ok" click in the secondary window) - don't work

I also tried to show message box directly from dll (Delphi), but i recieve EAccessViolation from ISuiteUIExtension.MessageBox.

What should I do to show this warnings and check user choices?

Thank you in advance,

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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

We've enhanced click events in InstallShield 2016 to support running actions before closing a secondary window. While there might be some esoteric workarounds available before that (I haven't found one), it should be straightforward in InstallShield 2016 with the new Close Window event.
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