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Minor update does not work


I have make a setup used for update my previous installation.
But when i run it, it does nothing.
I find in the log this following message and I do not anderstand why :
MSI (s) (DC:4C) [17:20:47:953]: The file represented by File table key 'confr.exe' has no eligible binary patches
MSI (s) (DC:4C) [17:20:59:990]: Executing op: FileCopy(SourceName=confr.exe,SourceCabKey=confr.exe,DestName=confr.exe,Attributes=20480,FileSize=2081280,PerTick=32768,,VerifyMedia=1,,,,,CheckCRC=0,Version=,Language=1036,InstallMode=126091264,,,,,,,)
MSI (s) (DC:4C) [17:20:59:990]: File: C:\Program Files\ORTEMS\bin\confr.exe; Overwrite; Won't patch; Existing file is a lower version
MSI (s) (DC:4C) [17:20:59:990]: Source for file 'confr.exe' is compressed
InstallFiles: File: confr.exe, Directory: C:\Program Files\ORTEMS\bin\, Size: 2081280
MSI (s) (DC:4C) [17:20:59:990]: Re-applying security from existing file.
MSI (s) (DC:4C) [17:20:59:990]: Verifying accessibility of file: confr.exe
MSI (s) (DC:4C) [17:20:59:990]: Note: 1: 2318 2: C:\Program Files\ORTEMS\bin\confr.exe

It is the same think for 99% of the file.

If the file(s) does not exist the minor upgarge work correctly.

thanks for your help
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Level 2

Nobody can help me ?
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Level 3

I am encountering this as well.

Can anyone shed any light on this please?

My executables are different, the versions are different, the creation dates are different, the binaries are different, yet it gives me the same message about no eligible binary patches.
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