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In the server configuration what do [value] mean?


Just looking through a project and I have found that the ipaddress is set to [HML_DNS_IPADDRESS_FINAL], im assuming this is a string? If so how do I find where this is referenced? Can I do a global search? because when I clicked 'edit - find string id in project' i cant enter this all I have is a drop down list of values none of which match this.

More confusing for the description it has the value {ID_STRING67} HML, so when i search for this it only finds one occurence.

I know that this installer asks the user to supply the ip address but if it isnt using a string then how does it know where this value has come from.

And what is the difference between [HML_DNS_IPADDRESS_FINAL] and {ID_STRING67} HML, which one is a string?

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What project type are you using?

Assuming you are using a Basic MSI project: If HML_DNS_IPADDRESS_FINAL is in square brackets, it's a Windows Installer property. Since it's in all uppercase letters, it's considered to be a public property. If the installation asks the end user to provide the value, you'll probably find that property associated with a control in the Dialogs view. You could try searching the Direct Editor view for this property. (Open this view, press CTRL+F, and search for the property name without the square brackets.) That might help you determine which dialog and dialog control use this property. The following help topic describes how to use a Windows Installer property to let an end user set something such as an IP address at run time:
Using Windows Installer Properties to Dynamically Modify IIS Settings

Values that are in curly brackets (e.g., {ID_STRING67}) refer to localizable strings. You'd find these in the General Information view > String Tables area. For more info, see Using String Entries in InstallShield.
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