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Message box and abort in Suite/Advanced installer

Hi ,
I am working on Suite/Advanced project, in Suite installer I created a installscript file (set.rul) and calling its function as Actions in OnBegin events.And the suite installer contains two exe packages.
Inside the installscript I have

export prototype MyFunction(OBJECT);

function MyFunction(oExtension)

STRING szKey, szNumName, svNumValue,szPropertyValue ;
NUMBER nvSize,nvType;
RegDBGetKeyValueEx (szKey, szNumName, nvType, svNumValue, nvSize);
SuiteSetProperty ("MyPropertyName", "true");
SuiteGetProperty("MyPropertyName",szPropertyValue );
if(szPropertyValue =true) then
MessageBox("Please install exe first",SEVERE);

My questions are
1)How to add Messagebox in suite installer installscript,
2)After abort the suite installer should not execute any of its packages
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If you just simply want to check the value of a key, dispaly a message and then exit the suite completey, I would create an "Exit condition". This is available under the "general Information" section of the Installation Designer for a suite project in IS Premier.
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Level 6

Thank you Hysteresis, I created an "Registry comparision" Exit condition. It is working grt
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Level 13

The answer provided works in the specific case described. How to do this if that condition occurs later (not relevant at start of Suite)?
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Level 7

You cannot display MessageBox in the suite/advanced project. Its not allowed. What i have done in the past:

  • Create a custom action with managed code and display the MessageBox from that
  • Create a custom action to set a suite property and trigger a Secondary Window and handle it that way(Best IMO)
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Level 13

Thanks @PlinyElder. I have done your second option too.
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