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Level 3

Merge Module Validation Errors

I am converting my merge module projects from InstallShield 2009 to InstallShield 2010. It keeps reporting the following validation errors:

ISDEV : error ICEM10: The property 'ProductCode' is not allowed in a Merge Module	Property	Property	ProductCode
ISDEV : error ICE03: Table: File Column: _ICEM07CAB Missing specifications in _Validation Table (or Old Database) File
ISDEV : error ICE103: 1603: ICE ICE103 failed to execute

Has anyone seen this before? What can I do to fix these validation errors?
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Level 9

I am getting the same ICE errors and was wondering if you found out anything about these?

At the moment I am ignoring them, but it would be nice for them not to show up when doing the validation.
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Level 5


Did you ever get a resolution to this issue?
If yes, kindly let me know.

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